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Honest Blogging

  • 7 Science Backed Reasons To Eat More Protein.

    Most Of Us Already Know That Protein Makes Muscles, But Do You Know What Else It Does…. Popeye, was actually on to something. I want to tell you...
  • How Will I Feel On A Plant-Based Diet?

    Plant-based nutrition — A topic I’ve covered from several aspects and angles multiple times already, but never really head-on and in its totality....
  • Do Superfood Shakes Actually Work?

    The supplements industry is worth an astounding 132 billion dollars worldwide. In the western world, 80% of people take at least one supplement. N...
  • Flow State Part 1: What is ‘Flow State’?

    What is Flow State and Why Does It Matter?  If you’ve ever worked on a project or pretty much done anything in your life, you’ve had to learn to ...
  • You're Not Bad Looking, You Just Don't Eat Well.

    Forget the expensive face creams, the youtube make up tutorials, the botox, the fillers. The healthiest looking people you know have a great diet. Here’s why they look so fresh all the time.
  • How to Eat a Death & Dairy Free Diet in 5 Simple Steps.

    How Much Longer Can We Keep Exploiting Our Own Resources, As Well as Other Species & Instead, Start Doing Whats Right?
  • Hungry + Angry = Hangry

    We’ve all been there. One minute you’re getting on with your life, doing your everyday stuff, the next minute some small, insignificant thing ticks you off like a bomb and you go into a rage. We lash out friends, family, colleagues, and then, after a while (and usually a meal) we feel bad about it. That’s called being ‘Hangry’!
  • Why Turmeric Is My Workout Weapon of Choice These Day

    Let Me Tell You A Little Secret.... that you'll never turn back from.
  • Improve your Food . Improve your Mood!

    Living in the city wasn't doing me any good but I couldn’t figure out why, until I looked at what I was eating.

  • Why Even Looking at Your Supplement Labels Wont Help You

    How supplement companies brand themselves as Clean, Vegan, Non GMO whilst lying to your face & banking BIG profits.

    Now I feel the time has come to talk a bit about the supplements industry and the supplements that most people are suckered into using, at the expense of their health. The most valuable thing we own is our health, and it is the one thing that we cannot replace.

  • Is your body an Acidic breeding ground for disease?

    Smoking, drinking, poor diet and other shenanigans can turn your body into a breeding ground for some very nasty diseases. A Green smoothie per...
  • What the hell is a Nootropic? You’re about to get smarter!

    Most people have watched movies like “Rain Man” or more recent ones like “Limitless’ or “Lucy”. We’ve all thought and fantasized about how cool i...